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The Future of CBD: Lipofusion™

Looking for truly unique and effective CBD products to offer your customers? Your search ends here.

Set your brand apart. Discover scientifically-advanced water soluble CBD— made with our patent pending nanoliposomal encapsulation technology: Lipofusion™. Learn more about how we can use Lipofusion™ CBD to create groundbreaking CBD products for you. From superior bioavailability to refreshing flavors—let’s work together to bring the most unique and effective CBD products to your customers.

Groundbreaking Nanoliposomal Technology: Lipofusion™

We combine the power of cannabidiol (CBD) with groundbreaking nanoliposomal science. Our patent pending Lipofusion™ delivery technology delivers the “holy grail” combination of water solubility and maximized bioavailability— which means that consumers actually feel better more rapidly and for an extended duration.

Increase shelf life. Maximize bioavailability. Extend absorption time.

Set your brand apart with CBD + Essential Phospholipids

Our high caliber nanoliposomes deliver added nutritional value. Our manufacturing-ready powders and liquids combine CBD with Phosphatidylcholine (PC)—significantly amplifying absorption and nutritional value.

Give your customers something very refreshing.

CBD Drink Powders are a refreshing way to rise above the competition. You can now offer customers convenient, single-serving CBD beverage powders that are truly effective and taste great. With zero sugar, all natural flavoring, and very few calories per serving—these are truly nature’s perfect wellness drink. Please note: We don’t offer private label services, but we offer formulation cards for 3 amazing flavors with any order of 5 kilograms of powder or more. We can also recommend great co-packers to blend, fill, etc.


Product Development

Powerful Technology. Amazing Results. Repeat Sales.

Would you like to create your own unique CBD product or flavored beverage powder? We welcome the opportunity to create powerful CBD nutritional products for your brand. Harness the power of our groundbreaking Lipofusion™ delivery technology to supercharge your product lineup because when your customers experience amazing results they become loyal, repeat customers.

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