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MESA, Arizona (June 3, 2021) – Cannasphere Biotech, a leading manufacturer of patent-pending Lipofusion™ CBD products, was recently named one of “50 Leading Companies of the Year 2021” by The Silicon Review Magazine.


The Silicon Review Magazine is a trusted source of news and information for global business leaders, decision makers, and professionals. Business enterprises honored in the publication’s annual ranking of leading companies are selected based on their “contributions to the business community and efforts toward the ecosystem.”


“We are honored to have been named among The Silicon Review’s list of esteemed companies in 2021,” said Star Simmons, president of Cannasphere Biotech, which serves industry clients with private labeling, product development services and manufacturing-ready Lipofusion™ CBD for use in a variety of product types and formulations. “It is gratifying to be recognized for our commitment to harnessing breakthrough science to produce highly bioavailable cannabinoids, which are making a profoundly positive impact on humanity.”


What makes Cannasphere Biotech’s products unique in the CBD space is its exclusive, patent-pending Lipofusion™ technology. Unlike CBD oil extracts, Cannasphere’s nanoliposomal-encapsulated formulas deliver the “Holy Grail” combination of water solubility for maximum bioavailability and dual encapsulation to protect actives until they are delivered at the cellular level. That means that consumers can feel it working more rapidly, and for an extended duration. In fact, research has shown that nanoliposomes can increase absorption of actives by 80 percent.


“We go out of our way to earn our clients’ trust,” said Simmons. Produced in aGMP, FDA-registered facility, all Cannasphere products undergo rigorous testing at independent laboratories to ensure optimal purity, potency and safety.


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